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Development of General Directorate for Traffic

Development of General Directorate for Traffic, responsibilities and organizational structure

Some important highlights are made here to provide a background on the Directorate, its development and its relation with the public.

To provide some knowledge on the relation of the traffic police with the public, it is important to shed light on the development of the General Directorate for Traffic, its objectives, organizational structure, traffic legislations and the development stages it has gone through in Sudan.

The first traffic legislations were known in 1921 through what was called Public Orders. To executing these legislations, it was necessary to have a police force assigned to carry out the traffic operations. As there was already a police force undertaking the criminal investigation works in all parts of Sudan, they were also assigned to undertake this responsibility. It was necessary to ensure the easy recognition of the force that carries out the traffic tasks along roads. Its members used the known uniform of criminal investigation police. This arrangement was only known at Khartoum, Madani, Elobied and Portsudan.

At that time, the work of the traffic police was focusing only on covering some of the important intersections, bridges within its jurisdiction and investigating traffic accidents that take place within their jurisdiction also.

As for all types of licensing processes, these were undertaken by the municipalities in collaboration with some traffic policemen who were attached to these municipalities at the period for licensing. The inspection works were supervised by engineers from Public Works Administration who were also attached to the municipalities. This situation continued till 1955.

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