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Emergency Toll Free Numbers


‘‘First come, first served’’

Do you think that there is justice at implementation of the measures for traffic violations?

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Objectives of Civil Defence

Objectives of Civil Defence

  • To safeguard lives and private and public property from threats of all types and levels.
  • To minimize losses to the lowest possible level when crisis occur.
  • To provide necessary and effective support to the neighbouring environment.
  • Rehabilitation of affected areas to ensure the return normal pattern of life and production as early as possible.
  • Reinforce citizens’ morale to ensure the availability of a force that can cope with the crisis and limit its effects.

Types of Expected Crisis
Hazards of war, destructive operations for the country’s assets and lethal radiations.
Man-made catastrophes like traffic accidents, chemical and nuclear pollution and wars.
Natural catastrophes (rain floods – river floods – draught – desertification – epidemics – agricultural insects – earth quakes – volcanoes – mudslides – fires that are city-wide or on forests and grazing areas etc.)

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