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Civil Defence Works

Civil Defence Works
These are the measures taken to reduce the impact of a crisis. They can be grouped into the following:

  • Precautionary measures
  • Control measures
  • Rehabilitation and repairs for affected establishments and communities.

General Affairs Bureau
Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Execution of laws and regulations
  • Visits, inspection and supporting good management and performance of administrations.
  • Organization and development of administrations’ organizational structures
  • Carry out recruitment procedures and address deficit in work force.
  • Confidential and general records keeping for officers.
  • Preparation of periodical and confidential reports on officers.
  • Preparation of budget proposals and submission of these to the director.
  • Procurement of uniforms, supplies and equipment.
  • Control of financial transaction based on authorization.
  • Implementation of the general training plans.
  • Keeping records of land and buildings that belong to the administration.
  • Supervision of morale and guidance programs.
  • Follow up on procedures for martyrs and ‘mujahideen’ and provision of financial support to their families.

Prevention and Safety Bureau

  • Tasks and responsibilities
  • Monitoring the application, development and execution of laws and regulations for the requirements of prevention and safety.
  • Preparation engineering studies and provision of technical advice on safety systems.
  • Carry out field surveys and technical assessment for establishments through specialized handbooks.
  • Carry out periodical inspection for all establishments using the technical inspection form.
  • Listing of all private and public establishments that are considered hazardous and preparation of a register for this according to the nature of its function and the degree of associated hazard.
  • Technical participation in the handing over of safety systems in establishments.
  • Supervision and monitoring of implementation of environmental safety requirements.
  • Control and monitoring of works of companies dealing in equipments for fire extinguishing and general safety of establishments.
  • Review of design and executive plans for safety systems.
  • Participation in the development of technical specifications for machinery, equipment and material for prevention and safety and approval of these.

Operations and Emergency Bureau
Tasks and responsibilities:
The Bureau for Operations and Emergency is responsible for putting all the services and organs of the civil defence in a standby mode for direct intervention in case of emergency and catastrophes. It is responsible for ensuring this at all civil defence centres at states level. This is carried out through the operations room at states and provinces. It undertakes the responsibilities of command and control at emergencies and catastrophes in coordination with official, popular and specialized identities as well as early warning, search and rescue operations.

Central Operations Room
Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Record data on locations affected by catastrophes.
  • Rapid assessment of the situation for recommendation to the Civil Defence Committee to declare the location as a catastrophe one.
  • Immediate arrival at the catastrophe location and start working on stopping it and on prevention of its expansion. Implementation of the preset appropriate plan for the catastrophe.
  • Informing the inhabitants and raising their awareness on the catastrophe and how they can avoid its impact.
  • Study of the cause of the catastrophe and analysis of all data on it for planning to address it in a better way.
  • Act immediately to restore life to its normal situation.
  • Carry out communication and control procedures.


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