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Establishment and development

At the beginning, the efforts to combat drugs were provided by the general police with no pre-set plans. This continued till the establishment of the Drugs Combating Branch in 1982 as part of the Field Branch of the Central Investigations Directorate.
In 19/7/1990 and as a response to a recommendation by the United Nations Committee for Drug Combating, the General Director of Police Forces issued the Decree No. 154 which led to the establishment of a separate directorate for drugs combating.
In early November 2003 the Ministerial Decree No. 164/2003 was issued. This ordered for upgrading it to be a General Directorate under the name of General Directorate for Drug Combating. The Drug Combating Administration of Khartoum State as is part of its structure.
The Drug Combating Administration – Khartoum State, is determined to fight against drugs which are the top listed enemy of the society. The drugs have become one of the most important current problems in the whole world. It is the vicious enemy that attacks minds before bodies and takes away religion before life.
The administration is tasked with drug combating operations at Khartoum State. It has a number of branched spread throughout Khartoum State and includes four branches as part of its administrative structure:

  • Khartoum Area Branch.
  • Omdurman Area Branch.
  • Bahri Area Branch.
  • State Operations Branch.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Combating and detecting the promotion and taking of drugs and substances affecting mental ability as well as all types of illegal dealing in these.
  • Combating and detecting crimes of smuggling and crossing of drugs and substances affecting mental ability in coordination with relevant authorities locally and at the State level.
  • Undertaking investigation on important cases of drugs and substances affecting mental ability.
  • Develop, in coordination with concerned local bodies, strategies for combating drugs
  • Organize studies and research on the impact of substances affecting mental ability and means of combating these.


  • Participation in local conferences and forums on drugs combating.
  • Development of awareness programs on negative effects of drugs and presenting these through media in coordination with the National Committee for Drugs Combating and concerned non-government organizations.
  • Continued improvement of performance and development of performance in the area of drugs combating through training, proper planning and the use of the latest techniques and technology.

Strategy of Drug Combating Administration

  • Combating and detection of promotion, drugs use and substances affecting mental ability as well as all types of illegal dealing in these.
  • Raising awareness and education on the negative effects of drugs with the aim of preventing new persons from entry into the demand circle for the drugs.
  • Follow up treatment and rehabilitation of addicted persons with the objective of taking them out of the drug demand circle.
  • Detection of traders in and smuggler of drug and closing out possible local means and ways of entry of drugs to Khartoum State.


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