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On Wild Life Directorate

It is considered one of the oldest directorates in Sudan. It was established in 1902 and used to be under the Administrative Secretary. It moved to various ministries until it finally settled within the ministry of interior in April 1985.
The first law on wild life was issued in 1927 which was not satisfactory to the British colonizers. After the convening of London Conference which discussed the wild life status across all the British colonies, the law on protection of wild animals was issued in 1935. Based on it, the national protected areas were established which was again repealed and replaced by the law for protection of wildlife and national protectorates of year 1404 H. This is based on the notion that the wildlife being a national, international and natural heritage and by its nature is not governed by international or regional borders but wonder within its natural environment, all efforts should be mobilized to protect them across borders.
Out of this, the importance of organizations that call for the protection of these creatures was realized. They aim for an ecological balance besides the high biological, cultural, health and recreational benefits and the increasing economical tangible value. The saving of the natural habitat in Sudan resulted in a wide range of wild animals. Most of the wild animals in Africa are present in Sudan. As an example, in Sudan we have twelve out of thirteen mammal groups, 224 types of mammals besides pats and a total of 927 types of birds discovered here.
The wild animal means any vertebral animal and its newborns, reptiles and their eggs or young ones or birds but does not include fish.
Benefits of wild animals:
These include economical, biological, scientific, recreational or cultural benefits.
Branches of the directorate:
Jabel Awleya Check Point.
Soba Check Point.
Aljaili Check Point.
Souq Libya Office.
Khartoum Airport Office.
Names of Previous Directors:
Colonel/ Abdel Azim Awad Dafa Allah
Colonel/ Jamal Nimir Hurgas
Colonel/ Abdel Rahim Elfaki
Colonel/ Salah Saaran,
Brigadier/ Abdel Hafiz Osman Eljak
Major General/ Mohamed Surraj Fadl Allah
Brigadier/ Siddig Aris Zakaria
Colonel/ Kahal Mohamed Elamin
Colonel/ Abdel Rahim Elfour Ahmed
Colonel/ Suleiman Ali Hakim

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