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Khartoum Locality

Many of the countries started applying ideas that call for involving their communities in the security systems and combating crimes. This is in line with the policies ratified by international organizations. Within our region, the organizations started with analyzing the role of public in preventing and combating crimes. The Sudan police always got the support of citizens but this involvement lacked the legal framework. The first order for initiation of the popular police came out in 1976 as a trial but it was not successful to a level that encouraged its continuity.

Al Ingaz Revolution, since its start, relied on the popular support for achieving many of the targets that the formal efforts alone could not tackle. Accordingly, the issue of the order for establishing the popular police was revived and reproduced in its new version under the name of Order for the Development of Popular Police in 1992.

The headquarter of Khartoum Locality Popular Police Forces is located at the intersection of street 61 Alamarat with Al Sahafa Zalat street near Hijazi petrol station, adjacent to Khartoum State Music Band and to the West of the College of Engineering of Sudan University (Southern Wing). The building contains 12 offices for the Director, Officers, Administrative Affairs, Financial Affairs, Confidential Office, Legal Affairs, Fire Arms, Guidance and Services, ‘Al Murabitat’ (Volunteer Women) Affairs, Reception, Computer Room, Force Barracks and the Canteen.

Coordination Offices
Office of Coordinator, General Affairs Office, Moral Guidance Office, Security and Information Office, Women Office, Comprehensive Security Spreading and Popular Committees Office

Offices at Sectors
These are located as follows:
Office at Central Khartoum Sector (provided by Khartoum Locality);
Office at Al Shuhadaa and Soba Sector (provided by Khartoum Locality);
Office at Khartoum East Sector in Sq 65 Arkaweet.

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