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Khartoum North (Bahri) Locality

Khartoum North Locality is one of old localities and used to be called Khartoum North Municipality in the past and was among the first municipalities of Khartoum State. It extends Southward and Westward to the Nile River, Northward till the border with River Nile State and Eastward to Sharq Elneel Locality.

The inhabitants of this town are composed of various Sudanese tribes. There are 4 sectors within this locality which are Central Bahri, Eastern Bahri, Northern Bahri and Northern Rural Bahri which encompasses the Petroleum Refinery at Aljaily. The locality has the largest industrial area in the State. It also accommodates a number of public universities like Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary of University of Khartoum, Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University and others. Within it also there are four of the Popular Armed Forces, the National Prison besides houses of a number of important figures like the houses of the President of the Republic and a number of ministers. It enjoys a significant renaissance in cultural, social and sports activities. Despite its extended area it experiences no significant crimes that affect peace and tranquility. This is due to its coherent society and the extensive and well managed spread of police forces and the nature of its society.

The popular and Community Police is established since 1992. The first batch was graduated in 1993. Since then the Popular and Community Police continued relentlessly to execute its programs for supporting the general police in discharging its legal duties.

The headquarters is located at Hilat Hamad quarter near the Localitypremises. It is composed of a ground floor which contains the offices of force management that include the offices of the Director, the Officers, Administration, Executive Office, Finance, Warehouse, Food Store, Reception, Force Barracks, Women Administration, Coordination, Moral Guidance, Security and Information besides others.

The force is composed of a sizable number of non-commissioned officers, privates, and the ‘Murabiteen’ of the Locality besides Security Spread Posts and at various sectors. In addition, there are emergency contingents staying at the headquarters to be deployed in case of incidents that disturb security. There is also a significant number attached to the various police directorates to support the police forces in discharging their duties in keeping security and stability. Of these are those attached to Traffic, Prisons and Rehabilitation, Al Ribat Hospital, Community Security, CID, Wildlife Guarding Police, General Directorate for Guidance and Family and Child Protection.

There are also sections that include:
Central Bahri Police Station: has a total of 13 units.
Al Safia Police Station: has a total of 12 units.
East Bahri Police Station: has 6 units.
Al Ahamda Police Station: has 2 units.
Al Doroshab Police Station: has p units.
Al Halfaya Police Station: Has 4 units.
Alselait Police Station: has one unit.
Um Deraiwa Police Station: has 2 units.

Collaboration with the general police in discharging its duties in preserving security and stability.
Raising the awareness of public on security to realize the slogan ‘security is the responsibility of all.
Participation at the scene of crimes for security and safety of citizens.
Spreading the legal culture and support preventive activities.
Application of the popular police philosophy that is based on Islamic Sharia’a and its aim for protection of religion and lives.
Ensure the success of self securing for public and private sector establishments.
Execution of set security plans enhances by the wide spread of forces.

Participation of security spread forces in covering markets and residential areas.
Participation of  security spread forces in securing neighboring mosques at Friday prayers.
Participation of  security spread forces in securing nearby Eid-praying areas.
Participation in Ribat nights at residential areas level.
Active participation by good-will committees and popular committees for resolving problems at units’ level in residential quarters.

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