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‘‘First come, first served’’

Do you think that there is justice at implementation of the measures for traffic violations?

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Um Badda Locality

  • Established in 1994
  • First group that operated it was part of the national batch from Wad Alagali Training Camp at Al-Kalakla.
  • The first male Coordinator is Yousif Zumrawi and the first female one is Isailat Eisa.
  • The first police office as a director is First Lt. by then Elhaj Makki (Lt. Col. now).
  • The batches continued where three State batches, open training batches totaling 6 at Martyr Fadl Elsid Abu Gisaisa followed by ‘Al-Ribat Leaps’ the first and second and ‘Al-Ribat Shields’ the first and second and finally the ‘Wagbaat’ for Part-timers and Muhtasibat.
  • It administratively developed from a Um Badda Municipality to Province with four Localities namely, Al-Amir, Al-Bugaa, Al-Salam and Western Rural. All these have got Coordination offices that report to the Province then and Locality now.

At that historical period there were significant achievements on top of which is the establishment of Comprehensive Security Spreading Units which reached a total of 87 within the Locality. A total of 256 community committees were formed with full participation of community strata in night guarding. All these were a true support to the general police and succeeded in materializing the citizens’ safety. This led to higher security awareness of citizens which made the slogan of ‘security is the responsibility of all’ comes true. In addition, all official, executive and popular sections of community got involved and raised the awareness of people on the importance of security. This resulted in full participation in the security process and lead to the deployment of community based societies’ efforts in supporting security works.

All parts and prominent figures of the community were involved in the works of community committees, Part-time Murabiteen, Trusted Guardian and Muhtasibat. The religious awareness was raised for citizens through organization of lectures, establishment of Kalawi (Quoran schools) at various living quarters. Also this was carried out through training of women and mobilizing them to support police in combating harmful practices, collection of various data, support and furnishing the Comprehensive Security Spreading Units.

The current Director of the Locality Popular and Community Police is Major Eltayeb Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim and the Locality Coordinator is Bahaa Eldin Hassan Ali.

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