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About Um Badda Locality

Um Badda Locality was among the lately developed localities during Al-Ingaz National Revolution era. It was taken out of Greater Omdurman Locality based on the Republican Decree No. 11 which authorized the division of the city municipality. Like other localities, it developed its political and social characteristics. Due to its large area and large population, comprehensive security plans were developed for ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. Its population resulted from the influx from rural areas of Sudan since independence period and till now. It accommodates various tribal cultures that are similar to norms and traditions of the rural areas. Most of the inhabitants of the locality have trading as their profession while the rest undertake marginal professions and others.
Um Badda Locality lies at the Western gate of the Greater Omdurman Locality. To the West it is bordered by North Kordofan State. From the East it is bordered by Omdurman Locality up to its southern end and also from its North Western side. Of its most prominent features are Al-Markheyat Mountains, Abu Dolou Gouz, Wadi Al-Mugadam and Souj Mountain Series.
Um Badda Locality is one of the largest Localities in Khartoum State with a total estimated area of 22,193 km2. Due to its wide area, it is considered the highest in terms of population density. In fact it is the highest in population among all the localities of the State with a total of more than two million individuals.
Administrative Organization
Al-Amir Administrative Unit
Al-Bougaa Administrative Unit
Al-Salam Administrative Unit
Western Rural Area Administrative Unit
It is subdivided into four Directorates, namely:
Finance and Administrative Affairs Directorate
Physical Planning and Public and Agricultural Premises Directorate
Training and Education Directorate
Social Affairs Directorate

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