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Do you think that there is justice at implementation of the measures for traffic violations?

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Stations and branches of Karari Locality

Karari Locality Police Headquarter includes the following branches:
1.    General Affairs branch;
2.    Criminal Investigations branch;
3.    Safeguarding, Patrols, Comprehensive Security Spreading and Horse-mounting Police branch.

Depending on their specialty, the police stations are:
•    Western Harat Police Station;
•    El-Mahadeya Police Station
•    The Nile Town Police Station;
•    Al-Hatana Police Station;
•    Al-Fateh 1 Police Station;
•    Al-Fateh 2 Police Station;
•    Gazira Islanj Police Station;
•    Popular Housing Police Station;
•    South Thorat Police Station

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