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‘‘First come, first served’’

Do you think that there is justice at implementation of the measures for traffic violations?

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Martyrs of Karari Locality

No. Rank Name Date of Martyrdom Place of Martyrdom
1 Colonel Ibrahim Mohamed Yousif 2001 Kassala – Eastern Sudan
2 Lt. Col. Adil Kamil 2001 Marzoug
3 Rageeb Elawad Magboul Mohamed 10-05-2008 Umdurman incidence 
4 Private Mahmoud Abu Yad Mahmoud 10-05-2008 Umdurman incidence
5 Private Abdel Wahab Mohamed 10-05-2008 Umdurman incidence
6 Private Saddam Abdel Moneim 10-05-2008 Umdurman incidence

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