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Umdurman Locality

Historical background
It is one of the most important localities in Khartoum State. Its importance is derived from the fact that it is the national capital with a high population density composed of various tribes, religions, norms and cultures. All these mix up to form a vibrant political, economical and sport turbulence. It accommodates Almoelih market which is one of the largest animal markets in Sudan. It also accommodates most of the political parties’ homes besides houses for a number of political leaders. It houses some of the strategic establishments like the radio and TV stations, the National Parliament, a number of banks, universities and cultural and educational foundations.
The Headquarter of Umdurman Locality was established in 1972 and called the ‘Gommondaniate’ at that time. Its first Director was ‘Hakimdar’ Mahjoub Mohamed Dirar. It developed through time and became a province and lately a locality.
It is located on the Western side of the White Nile and River Nile. It is bordered by Karari Locality from the North and at the South it is bordered by the White Nile and North Kordofan States. To the West of it lies Um Badda Locality.
It has an estimated area of 250 km2 with a population of approximately 3 millions.

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