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Do you think that there is justice at implementation of the measures for traffic violations?

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Units and Police Stations of Umdurman Locality

First: Units that belong to Umdurman Locality Police are:
1.    Umdurman Traffic Police Station.
2.    Rescue Police Division.
3.    Umdurman Branch of Criminal Investigation.
4.    Umdurman Sector of Operations.
5.    Umdurman Civil Defence Police.
6.    Security Police (Special Forces)
7.    Intelligence Police.
8.    Security Police.
9.    Central Reserves Police – Khartoum Sector.
10.    General Directorate for Drugs Combating.
11.    Umdurman Civil Rolls Police.
12.    Umdurman Passports Police.
13.    Customs Police – Umdurman Sector.
14.    Popular Police – Umdurman Sector.
15.    Community Security Police – Umdurman Sector.
16.    Security and Information Directorate.
17.    Criminal Investigations – Scene of Crime.
Second: Police Stations of Umdurman Locality
1.    Northern Police Station.
2.    Southern Police Station.
3.    Abu Sied Police Station.
4.    Al-Muhandiseen Police Station.
5.    Central Police Station.
6.    Al-Souq Police Station.
7.    Industrial Area Police Station.
8.    Al-Saliha Police Station.
9.    Almoileh Police Station.
10.    Abu Sied Police Station (18).
11.    Horse-Mounted Police Division for Al-Muhandiseen and Almulazmeen.

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