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Training Directorate

1.    The training Directorate is one of the first institutions developed by the Police Forces since independence. It is tasked with training and development of police forces in service as well as new recruits. Work in this Directorate has started at its buildings then, the People’s Parliament (currently the National Council). The building used to include the Police Bullocks, Civil Service, Rescue and Music which used to be called the Bullock School. It was one of the training institutions at Khartoum State for training its personnel as well as those of the various units. The school then moved to a school at Al-Souq Al-Shaabi (currently the Police Academy – the Institute of None Commissioned Officers). It was established in a comprehensive way that can take a sizable number of new recruits with boarding wards attached for new recruits as well as others under training besides offices for officers and houses for trainers. It also has stores for fire arms, a meiss for officers, administrative offices, and branch for buildings and vehicles maintenance. It used to include local reserve forces and music. It was called then the New Recruits and Civil Service School. Progress continued in the training and development for securing Khartoum State. Then the work was subdivided into two large departments namely, Basic Training mainly focusing on training for new recruits and the re-training of in-service NCOs and privates as well as local reserve tasked with securing all parts of Khartoum State. In addition to music which is focusing on the national celebrations and graduation of new recruits and in-service trainees. Work continued in an integrated way and was satisfactory. Then the school buildings were transferred to Eastern Al-Sahafa (currently the building of special security forces) and work continued in a manner that was not satisfactory to the police leaders. This obliged them to call upon some training institutions and police units which are active in training due to the limited number of training institutions within the state. This was facilitated by the high coordination between the consecutive police leaders who took over this highly recognized institution. The training process did not stop till the transfer of the New Recruits Training School of Omdurman to be under the Training Directorate with all its highly regarded history. This was in 1992.
2.    Attached is a brief on Martyr Lt. Gen. Abdel basit Saad Jubara’s Basic Training Center.
3.    Below is a list of leaders of the Training Directorate and its branches with its various names as non-exhaustive examples.Names were various for the Training Directorate since its inception. As examples for these:
•    New Recruits Bullocks – New Recruits School – Civil Defense School – Sudan Defense Forces – Local Reserve and Music – Local Reserve – Genera Training – Training and Music Administration – Training and Morale Guidance Administration – Training Directorate. Then the mission continued in training the Khartoum State Police Forces.
4.    Achievements of Training Directorate in 2010:
Local and central training courses in collaboration with training institutions in full coordination with the General Directorate for Training Privates and NCOs besides the training and achievements of the basic training (new recruits) in the State in 2010.

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