A brief on Sharq Elnil Locality

Sharq Elnil Locality is situated at the Eastern part of Khartoum State and bordered by the Blue Nile and Bahri Locality from the Western side. From the Southern and Western sides it borders Al-Gazira State while from the South Eastern side it borders El-Gedaref State. At its Eastern border is Kassala State and the River Nile State at its Northern side.
It is characterized by an open flat land with fertile soil that is suitable for agriculture and grazing. It has a total population of around 2,009,000. Its estimated area is 7,867 km2.
Units of the Locality
Sharq Elnil Locality Police Headquarter supervises a total of thirteen administrative units which are: Community Security Police, Police Security, Operations, Hilat Kuku and Aldowha, Civil Defense, Popular Police, Drugs Combating, Bahri and Sharq Elnil Criminal Investigation, Traffic, Civil Rolls, and National Security and Intelligence Organ.

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