police forces headquarters Orientation and Services Authority General Administration of Information and Public Relations Explanatory statement

Citizen / Ahmed Mohamed Haroun, who was arrested in Kober Prison, was exposed to a health crisis. Accordingly, a sample was taken for testing for suspected infection with Coronavirus on April 21, 2020 , and was subsequently transferred to the police hospital on April 22, 2020 . The result was negative while he was in the hospital, and after the occurrence of complications, a CT scan and a second examination were performed, the result was positive and supported by a third examination, and it was also positive.

The necessary medical precautions were made and the patient was isolated in his place of residence in the hospital ,in preparation for transferring him to another location. After the subsequent improvement in the patient's health condition and in implementation of the directives of the health authorities in isolation, the aforementioned was transferred to an isolation site that provides health care and the requirements of guarding . and immediately the General Administration of Medical Services initiated sterilization procedures and health requirements To secure the medical staff and visitors to the hospital. the aforementioned citizen will be returned to Copper Prison pending his health condition.  many rumors circulated on social media platforms, all of which are completely unfair. The police forces are wagering on the awareness of the esteemed citizens and urging them to virtue of patience and not to hear  false and unreliable news.


God bless

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