Procedure for issuing ID

Practical procedures
A new procedure for ID is in place where all manual procedures were replaced by a fully computerised procedure. The following procedure is used when applying for an ID card:
First: In case of a new ID card
Required documents:
Nationality certificate.
Birth certificate or age assessment certificate accredited by the Medical Commission.
Certificate of living place accredited by the popular committee of the living quarter or the locality.
Certificate from employer indicating the profession and work place. Certain groups of high level professions like doctors or engineers etc. are required to present their academic certificates.
Certificate for blood group.
A credible  witness is required with his/her valid ID
Payment of set fees
Two passport-size photographs
Second: In case of renewal or replacement of a lost ID card
Required documents:
Nationality certificate.
Old ID or a certificate of loss from any police station.
Two passport-size photographs.
Payment of se fees.
Present a certificate for change of profession or living area if available.
A valid ID of a credible witness.
Acquiring the appropriate form for issuing the ID based on the situation (a new ID, replacement of a lost or defective ID, change of particulars. Etc.).
Filling of form by the citizen.
Payment of set fees.
Review of data in the form by the approving officer and ensuring the satisfaction of all required documentation and concurrence of these with the stated information on the form and then approval
Handing over the form, after approval, to the data entry unit.
Provision of a printed copy of the entered data to the applicant beside the original form and attachments for checking and ensuring that all data was correctly entered.
If there is a mistake, the correction will be pointed out to the data entry unit and necessary correction will be made.
After ensuring the correctness of data, the applicant will be directed for taking a digital photograph and fingers print.
After taking photograph, the form and its attachments will be handed over to the printing unit for a final review and then printing of the ID.
The Id is then handed over to the applicant.
The form and its attachments will be taken from the printing unit for registering in the central archives.

Procedure for renewal, replacement of lost or defective or change in data
When renewing, replacing a lost or changing data for ID, the same above stated procedure in points 1-5 will be followed up. The data will be printed out from the computer as it is already saved after making the necessary changes. The ID will be printed and handed over to the applicant. The form and its attachments will be taken from the printing to the archives to adjust the central records as necessary.

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