Objectives of the General Directorate for Traffic

The objectives of the General Directorate for Traffic are the following:

  • To monitor the development of traffic systems in the world, transfer the scientific experiences in this area and applying these on traffic system in Sudan.
  • Unification of laws, regulations and systems that governs the traffic operations and its criminal, investigative and office works.
  • Streamline training curricula on traffic operations and strive to develop a unified curriculum for all the traffic subjects besides the development of central training programmes for traffic police force.
  • Development of strong relations with official and popular identities that are specialized in the traffic areas both locally and abroad.
  • Development of national traffic awareness programmes that aim at raising the awareness of the citizens on the traffic threats.
  • Attend to the engineering areas of the traffic works and strive to provide technical inputs that will assist the traffic force in carrying out its duties.
  • Focus on scientific research on traffic and encouraging this. Establish a central information chamber that contains all the information on traffic system in Sudan. This room will support the development of solutions and necessary adjustments to address all traffic problems.
  • Planning for traffic system in Sudan and preparations of scientific proposals based on forecasts for organizing traffic in future.
  • Carry out traffic organization inside cities and along highways.
  • Undertake investigations on traffic accidents.
  • Carry out licensing, registration and annual renewal of licenses for vehicles.
  • Expansion of automated inspection and monitoring its performance.
  • Issuing driving licenses, keeping records for these and the development of driving schools.
  • Establishment and keeping a central record for all criminal and administrative works of traffic as well as for registration, licensing and driving licenses.

The above mentioned ministerial decree stipulated the responsibilities of the director of the General Directorate for Traffic and that of all its administrations as follows:

  • Finance and Administrative Affairs (financial, administrative and supplies)
  • States Traffic (traffic within cities, highway traffic, licensing)
  • Research, Planning and Statistics Administration (planning, statistics and research)
  • Traffic Engineering Administration (traffic engineering, technical affairs)
  • Traffic Awareness and Training (training and curricula, information and moral guidance, traffic awareness)

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