A brief on Khartoum State Prisons

Prisons Units:
Khartoum State Prisons are considered the face of the rehabilitation establishments in Sudan. This is due to their location and the number of prisoners that makes up for more than one third of all the prisoners in Sudan besides the type of prisoners being mostly of the private rights ones. It is also the focal point for the visits of international committees for human rights and official and non-official visitors. This calls for maximizing effort to satisfy the requirements of both security and rehabilitation processes.

Khartoum State Prisons and Rehabilitation are composed of the following units:

  • Omdurman prison for men.
  • Omdurman prison for women.
  • Soba State prison
  • Dabak prison

State Prisons Headquarter
This is located at Western Khartoum area in Almorgan. It is accommodated in a government house that belongs to the Council of Ministers adjacent to Almogran Branch of Omdurman Bank with a nominal rent. It is managed by Major General police officer.

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