Historical brief on Civil Defence

  • The services of fire brigade were introduced to in 1907 with the beginning of the railways services.
  • The first nucleus of a fire brigade was established in April 1952 after Cairo was set on fire in January 1952. It started as a small unit with a force of 110 from non-commissioned officers and privates drawn from Khartoum State police.
  • The first law that organized the Fire Brigade as the fourth disciplined force after the Prisons was issued on the 15th of February 1978. It was set as a central administration.
  • In 1979 and with the adoption of decentralization as a government system in Sudan, the Fire Brigade decentralized with a small headquarter at Khartoum. All the fire brigades that use to belong to various government bodies (Railways, River Transport, Sea Ports, Civil Aviation, Sugar, X-Mechanical Transport and X-Stores and Supplies) and it was attached to the minister of interior
  • In December 1991 the first law for the Civil Defence Organ was issues and accordingly the High Council for Civil Defence was established as an organ that is concerned with national catastrophes. It was headed by the minister of interior with other relevant ministers as members. The regulations for ‘Precaution Against Fire’ – ‘Civil Defence Services’ – ‘Emergency Fund and List of Volunteers’ – was issued in 1993.
  • In 1992 the disciplined forces were grouped under the Police Force and the Civil Defence became one the specialized directorates of the Police Force.
  • To cope up with the constitutional changes that took place in Sudan, the law for Civil Defence was issued in 2005. It made the Civil Defence the main organ and presides in addressing catastrophes. It is also responsible for the application, review and evaluation of means and ways for prevention and safety.

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