The National Council for Civil Defence

The High Council was established based on the law for Civil Defence Organ of 1991. The naming was changed to the National Council according to the Civil Defence Law of 2005.
The minister of interior is the president of the Council and its membership is formed of federal ministers and some high executive leaders based on the responsibilities of their units. The president has the right to add any ministry, authority or individual to the council’s membership.

The Council’s Responsibilities
The council, according to Article No. 6 of the law, is responsible for the following:

  • Coordination of plans and measures for civil defence at the national level for preparedness and counteracting catastrophes and emergencies. It is also responsible for relief measures, combating endemic diseases, managing these and assigning the authority specialized to deal with the catastrophe.
  • Mobilization of national efforts and resources and organizing these to combat catastrophes and contain their impact.
  • Lead the national operations for the civil defence in case of emergency and national catastrophes.
  • Approval of proposals for the council’s annual budget and the forward of these by the minister to the concerned bodies for final approval.
  • Outlining the responsibilities and tasks to be undertaken by ministries, authorities and companies for safeguarding and protecting establishments and projects from catastrophes.
  • Direct ministries, authorities and companies to allocate the necessary financial resources in their annual budget for prevention of catastrophes
  • Request the support of national, regional and international organizations and others for the areas of country affected by catastrophes and provide necessary support for these.
  • Provision of support, when called for, to the South Sudan Government or to any state government in case of catastrophes and emergency where local government can not address these.
  • The council can delegate part or all its authorities to its president.

General Secretariat of the Council
Established based on the Ministerial Decree No. 38 of 1995 and as stipulated in the Civil Defence Law of 2005.

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