Tasks and Responsibilities of Civil Defence

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Organize cycles and meetings of the council
  • Recording and documentation of minutes and decisions
  • Follow up on execution of the council’s decision and those of its head.
  • Development and presentation of memoranda, studies and drafts of decisions for the council and its head.
  • Archiving and safeguarding all the council’s dwellings and provision of reference materials required for its works.
  • Advocacy and publicity for the council’s activities through various media means.
  • Assist the head of the council in discharging responsibilities related to the council.
  • Undertake administrative, financial and technical affairs of the council.
  • Undertake all the leadership and administrative tasks demanded by the secretariat’s work.

Strategy of Civil Defence
The strategy of the Civil Defence is evolving and developing exponentially with the architectural, economical and technical developments. It aims at the implementation of the country’s plan through undertaking various measures and means to combat hazards and rehabilitate various establishments that are affected by accidents and catastrophes. It calls for providing the optimal conditions for development and production. It also coordinates all productive efforts to ensure continuity and support for the society efforts to confront all types and levels of threats that may lead to emergencies and crisis.

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