Early Warning

The idea of establishing an early warning centre started in 1998 in a meeting that was attended by a number of companies and specialized engineers. Networking started in 2001.
Of the objectives of the centre is to protect lives and properties from theft and fire besides supporting endangered sick people to get ambulances quickly. Also of the objectives are continuous electronic surveillance and monitoring strategic locations.
Method of execution:
At the strategic locations and those of importance, it is a must to fix systems for detection and combat of fires as well as alarm systems against burglary and intrusion. Besides, fixation of systems for rescue calling for any emergency by the operating companies.
The systems are connected to the operations room at the Ministry of Interior for easy dealing with the incoming signal from the location of the incident. The supervisor will direct the agency concerned with the incident to act quickly and move to the location e.g. rescue and operations police-traffic-civil defence- central ambulance-etc.
Targeted sections:
All locations of importance and high density population, government buildings, corporations, companies, factories, petrol stations, warehouses and banks.
Communication equipment are fixed at the locations to be protected. These connect automatically to the control panel and transfer signal to the operations room.
Water surfaces Bureau
River Rescue:
The establishment of this goes back to the beginning of 1983. It was meant for carrying out river rescue operations and take out bodies and equipment that fell into the river. It also carries out surveillance of dangerous areas at night. It has a total of 20 non-commissioned officers and privates lead by an officer. The brigade carries out duties within Khartoum and the neighbouring states.
Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Participate in preparation of specifications for equipment and instruments of river rescue
  • Daily, periodical and annual maintenance for equipment and instruments.
  • Optimal management of equipment
  • Detection of offences and coordination with the legal affairs.
  • Spread of protection works among citizens.
  • Control of technical works records.
  • Participation in surveillance of river and sea areas.
  • Inspection of river and sea vessels and application of safety requirements.
  • Spread of civil defence and safety culture within river rescue area.
  • Participation in forums, seminars and workshops on river rescue operations.
  • Detection and renewal of licensing for river and sea vessels.
  • Training and equipping river rescue team members with required skills.
  • Supervision on river and water surfaces rescue operations.
  • Undertake river and water surfaces rescue operations.
  • Provision of rescue services in case of national emergency.
  • Preparation and training of river rescue force and equipping these with special supplies besides training on their use.
  • Undertaking major evacuation operations from islands and water ponds.
  • Carry our periodical and annual training or improving the efficiency of personnel and equipment.
  • Improve readiness of force and equipment for the daily activities.


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