Relations of the Civil Defence

The General Directorate for Civil Defence has got excellent relations at both local and international level as well as among voluntary societal organizations. This was called for by the nature of the humanitarian work of the directorate. This can be summarized in the following:

  • At the international level:
    The General Directorate for Civil Defence enjoys excellent relations at the international level. This comes under the framework of exchange of experience through its active membership in the International Organization for Civil Protection and the Council of Arab Ministers of Interior besides its membership in the Nile Basin Organization.
  • At the National official level:
    The Interim National Constitution outlined the role for the General Directorate as limited to the development of national standards and technical specifications for civil defence equipment and instruments for states. In addition, it is assigned to combat national-level catastrophes through the National Council mechanism.
  • At the community organizations level:
    The General Directorate for Civil Defence collaborates with local voluntary agencies that are supervised by the Humanitarian Aid Commission in awareness programmes related focusing on safety.


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