General Directorate for Safeguarding Establishments and Public Premises

The General Directorate for Safeguarding Establishments and Public Premises is tasked with protection and securing all establishments and public premises in the country especially the strategic and those of economic importance. Its importance comes from the security element which is considered an essential factor in attracting investment capital. The capital and investment in general is quite sensitive to the level of security. So, maintaining a high level of security assists in the implementation of the country’s policies of investment with significant and complementary efforts exerted for ensuring this.
The directorate is one of the branches of the ministry of interior and the police headquarter through which the responsibility of internal security in Sudan is undertaken. This is highly important for specialized field of security operations that can cope with the continuing development realized by Sudan and the world in general, and for securing strategic buildings and establishments against security threats.
The Development

  • The Directorate was established through the Ministerial Decree No. 65 issued on 17 April 2001.
  • The strategy of the directorate is based on the implementation of the country’s plan that calls for undertaking all measures and means to ensure protection and safeguarding establishments and public premises.

The directorate aims at ensuring the security of all establishments in the country and application of laws and regulations that contribute to the safety and security of these establishments.
Objectives, responsibilities and focus areas for Establishments and Public Premises Police

  • Undertake the tasks of guarding and securing establishments and premises including assets and workforce in coordination with relevant authorities.
  • Safeguarding documentations, records and information.
  • Prevention and detection of crimes against premises and establishments or inside these.
  • Monitoring to ensure a rational use of establishments and premises and their supplies.
  • Raise the awareness of staff of these establishments on safety and security procedures.
  • Undertake civil defense activities within the establishments and premises.
  • Provision of security advice to the management of the establishment and monitoring and detection of any destructive or criminal activity.
  • Recommendation to the minister for approval of private security companies according to regulations.
  • Any other tasks that are in line with good management of the force and the national security policies of the country required by the General Director of Establishments and Public Premises in consultation with the General Directorate.

The role of the directorate is quite obvious in ensuring the security and safety of establishments and public premises. Some of its main achievements in this area are:

  • Provision of security and safety services to the Railways Authority establishments and securing trains, their users, pavements and goods as well as prevention of crimes a thing that supports production in the country through railways services. This was provided through Railways Police.
  • Provision of safety and security to ships, their users, docks and pavements and crime prevention which led to supporting production.
  • Provision of security and safeguarding Sea Ports Corporation establishments and securing ports, docks, pavements and goods as well as crime prevention which provided support for production in the country. This was provided through Sea Ports Police.
  • Provision of security and safety services to Kenana Sugar Factory and its products a thing that supported the economy of the country and encourages investment like the development of White Nile Kenana Sugar Factory.
  • Provision of security and safety services for touristic and archeological sites in the country. This encourages the tourism industry and contributes to the attraction of investment in this field (e.g. Burj Alfateh). At the end, it supports the national economy, safeguards the identity and preserves the cultural heritage. The service is carried out by the Tourism and National Heritage Safeguarding Police.
  • Protection and safety of petroleum and mining establishments and securing the production sites, transfer pipelines, refineries, and storage and export depots. This contributes to the increase of national income and expansion of excavations area. All carried out through the Petroleum and Mining Establishments Safeguarding Police.
  • Ensuring safety and security of constitutional and executive persons as well as the federal ministries and strategic and important establishments at Khartoum State. This also contributed to the improved performance and economic growth. Government Establishments Safeguarding Police provides these services.
  • Rendering safety and security services to the establishments of Meroe Dam a thing that led to safeguarding the social fabric and the continuation of provision of infrastructure for the electricity sector. This provides support also to the development and economy. The services are provided by Dams Safeguarding Police.
  • The directorate contributes to the preventive and crimes combating security operations through the execution of joint security projects. Special attention is given to the security coordination especially with Khartoum State Police and with States Police as well as other security and safeguarding organs in general.

The General Directorate is composed of the following:

  1. Railways Police.
  2. Sea Ports Police.
  3. Kenana Sugar Company Police.
  4. Tourism and National Heritage Police.
  5. Government Establishments Police.
  6. Diplomatic Missions Police.
  7. Dams Police.
  8. Petroleum and Mining Police (became a General Directorate in 2009).
  9. Courts Police (became a General Directorate in 2009).
  10. River Transport Police (privatized in 2008).
  11. Airports and Airstrips Police (dissolved in 2005).
  12. Constitutional Court Safeguarding Police.


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