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Government Establishment Safeguarding Police:
Brief on the Directorate:
The Directorate for Safeguarding Government Establishments is one the directorates of the General Directorate for Safeguarding Establishments and Public Premises. It executes the objectives and responsibilities of the police as stipulated in the Police Act of 2008 within its jurisdiction and in coordination with concerned authorities.
The directorate was established in 1986 and it was under Khartoum State at that time. It was tasked with safeguarding embassies, diplomatic missions’ premises, and government and strategic establishments at the capital. It continued as such even after the establishment of the General Directorate for Safeguarding Establishments and Public Premises through the Ministerial Decree No. 65/2001. This decree calls for the establishment of a directorate that takes care of securing federal strategic ministries.
As of 24 Jul 2004, the name was changed to be the Government Establishment Safeguarding Directorate but keeping the same responsibilities and tasks.
Responsibilities and Tasks:
Besides the responsibilities listed in the article 13 of the Police Act of 2008, the directorate shoulders the following responsibilities and tasks:
Safeguarding and protection of federal ministries;
Safeguarding and protection of houses of ministers and state ministers;
Safeguarding and protection of important and strategic establishments;
Safety of premises and establishments as well as those working in these.
Geographical Location:
The directorate enjoys an outstanding location with a total are of 340 m2 to the west of the intersection of Alsahafa Zalat Street with St. 61 Al Amarat. It is neighbored by Khartoum State Popular Police and Khartoum State Police Music Band from the Eastern side. At the Western side of it lies the police housing complex.
Locations under the protection of the directorate:

Number Location
- Council of Ministers Headquarter
20 Federal Ministries
13 Electricity Premises
20 Houses of Officials of Constitutional Status
15 Petrol Stations
6 Banks
- Al Sunut City
- Constitutional Court
4 Companies
  • The directorate shoulders high responsibilities and a wide range jurisdiction that covers all the towns of Khartoum State. Its personnel is working patiently within very limited resources.
  • We pray to God to grant us success in delivering our responsibilities, ease up all obstacles and make all work willingly in harmony and in love for our work and our directorate.

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