Drugs and their negative effects

What are drugs?
These are a group of substances that affect the mental activity and the psychological condition of the person taking them with the hope of activating the central neurological system or slow its activity. It might also lead to hallucination and imaginations. The drugs are divided into:

  • Natural drug.
  • Semi-processed.
  • Fully processed.

The ‘Hashish’ or ‘Bango’ is considered one of the most spread types of natural drugs in Sudan due to the fertile soil and appropriate climate. It is grown along the belt of Elrahad River and South Gedaref besides South Blue Nile, Dafag area, Alradoum protected area in South Darfur and some areas in South Sudan like Equatoria, Bahr Elgazal and others.

The Bango
It is the dried Canabinus plant at any of its growth stages. It is dried and prepared for usage in various shapes and weights. It is used through smoking.

Effect of Bango on its smoker

  • It suppresses the neurological system at various degrees depending on the quantity used.
  • Its effect starts after 3o minutes from smoking it and continues up to around 4 hours.
  • Loss of sense of time.
  • Low concentration and inactive mental status,
  • Slow senses response.
  • Defective human body glands.

Health and psychological damage by drugs

  • Damage to the neurological system;
  • Inflicts heart and blood circulation with chronic diseases
  • Infection of the liver, pancreas and kidney.
  • Depression, feeling of anxiousness and restlessness, low morale, insensitivity and schizophrenia.

Symptoms for identifying drug addicted persons

  • Great desire to continue taking drugs.
  • Enlargement of blood vessels and hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • Constriction of eye Pupil and blurred vision.
  • Psychological disorders affecting behaviour.
  • Strong desire to get money by any means.
  • Loss of ability and sexual desire.
  • Hallucination and loss of weight.
  • Inclination towards lying.
  • Inclination towards isolation and loneliness.

Social damage

  • Commitment of crimes of various types.
  • An entrance to poverty, misery, despair, idleness and vagabonding.
  • A main reason for weak family bonds.
  • Loss of mannish jealousy towards need for protecting relative females from harassment by others and no shame in supporting and availing relatives to others.
  • Bad example to others.
  • Loss of honor, status and good reputation among people.

Religious damage

  • Takes away from remembering God and from prayers which is a cornerstone for religion.
  • Takes away shyness which is one of the branches of faith.
  • Weakens faith and inherits defeat and regret.
  • A reason for loss of religion and pride.
  • A reason for loss of god gifts, infliction of punishment and Gods anger.
  • A reason for a very bad end.


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