Objectives & responsibilities

Objectives and responsibilities of Wildlife Protection Directorate
Safeguarding the country’s resources of wild animals and its natural resources through:
Application of wild life law and its regulations besides exercising all the authorities provisioned in catching, inspection, detention, shooting and representation of the prosecution in law breaching cases.
Combating unlawful hunting activities and simultaneously organize lawful hunting through issuing necessary licenses to satisfy the citizens and foreigners desires for game shooting besides monitoring at field level.
Raising the awareness and guidance for citizens on importance of wild animal resources and their role in protecting these.
Safeguarding citizens and their property from dangers of wild animals.
Management of national protected areas and game areas in a way that preserve the natural habitats, development of these protected areas and developing new ones.
Discharge of Sudan’s commitment on international and regional agreements and treaties. It is worth mentioning that most of the protected areas are located at the international borders so, we need to enter into agreements with neighboring countries to strengthen efforts for protecting wild animals in common areas. This is considered as safeguarding development and not guarding international boundaries of the country.
Encouraging and development of tourism that is based on hunting, site seeing, photography and recreation as an example for getting away from routine and boring life.
Support scientific research in this area in collaboration with specialized institutions. It also contributes to medical research through the use of wild animals in laboratories.
Participation with other disciplined forces at times of insecurity or natural catastrophes.
Management of central, regional and private animal zoos and organization of catching and securing animals for these from within or outside the country.
Organization of export and import of protected wild animals or their parts through issuing licenses or authorizations.
Hunting Licenses and Ammunition Record
There are four types of licenses for hunting:

  • Licenses with letter ‘A’ which is for wild animals.
  • Licenses with letter ‘B’ for birds hunting.
  • Licenses with letter ‘C’ for reptiles hunting.
  • Licenses with letter ‘D’

As for the ammunition record, this should not be given without a valid fire arm license.

  • Issuing of license for trading and processing parts of wild animals.
  • Issuing of licenses for keeping wild animals at homes.
  • Issuing legal ownership certificates for wild animals or parts of them.
  • Issuing ownership license for newly born wild animals.
  • Issuing primary and final approval for farms and gardens within the State.

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