Popular and Community Police

The Popular and Community Police at Khartoum State and though a total of 17 years of a history full of dedication and giving, continued to provide security to various community sections through a number of focal areas. The most important of these focal areas is the Comprehensive Security Spreading, a project that keeps continually renewing itself and where the Popular and Community Police achieved various successes. The most important of these are:

Formation of community committees as an essential factor in mobilizing community effort to materialize the security process. This is reflected in the reinforcement of the role of community committees in raising awareness on security and decreasing crime rates through the active participation of community in guarding at night (Ribat). The increasing role of community committees in building up a true partnership between the police and community proved to be vital in enhancing the security process, in ensuring a raised awareness among citizens and in reinforcing the fact that security is a responsibility of all.
There is a number of projects undertaken by the Popular and Community Police at Khartoum State which will be presented through this brief. There are also aspirations and future projects that will be pointed to as well as some problems and obstacles facing these projects.

Some important and on-going projects
Comprehensive Security Spreading.
Community Committees.
Al-Rayan meals for breaking fasting.
Voluntary night guarding (Ribat).
Quran teaching schools (Khalawi) and literacy classes.
Mosque-based breaching.
Fasting Muslim bag.

Future Programs and vision
Follow up on implementation of 2010 plan.
Medical Caravans.
Training on security and legal education for members of the community committees.
Completion of community committees structures at the levels of localities and police stations.
Organization of a meeting for all the heads of community committees within the State.
Community forum through media.

Proposal for realizing vision on solutions
Provision of skills for emergency contingents (training).
Construction of a guest house for the service and alert force.
Endorsement of list of the volunteer in night guarding (Murabiteen) who would like to get appointed in the regular police force for keeping their positions and recruiting others.
Continuing recruiting new members to work with popular and community police to fill deficit in positions at the Comprehensive Security Spreading units.

Martyr: Mahmoud Basheer Mahmoud
Date of birth: 1972
Date of martyrdom: 27/9/1999
Location of martyrdom: Alnuer West
Social status: single
Level of Education: Secondary
Date of joining Popular Police: 1998
Place of origin: El Gadaref
Current home area of family: Soba Alhila, Sineen bus stop
Family of the martyr:
Father of Martyr: dead – Mother: dead – Sisters: three – Brothers: no brothers, he was the only son for the family.

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