Jabel Awleya Locality

The Premises of the Popular Police at Jabel Awleya Locality were constructed in 1993. It used to belong to Khartoum Province and at the popular housing buildings before the administrative changes of provinces to localities. In 2005, the current building was constructed at Sq 4 in Abu Adam. It was inaugurated on 19/2/2008 in a total area of 1,000 m2. It has a total of 14 offices of which 7 are for the force management and the rest are for the coordination directorate. There is a special barraks for the rest of the force with 30 furnished beds, TV, air conditioning, canteen, administrative office, reception, maintenance office and toilets.

There are 4 sectors at the locality which are: Al Jabel, Al Kalaklat, Al-Azhari and Alnasr. The latter is built on a piece of land owned by the locality (plot No. 15) but the rest of sectors has no registered land.

Training and graduation carried out for the first and second ‘Al-Sahir Leap’ for par-time ‘Murabiteen’ and ‘Muhtasibeen’ to undertake night guarding and mobilizing community for playing its role in the security process.

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