Karari Locality

The Popular Police was formed in 1992 while Karari Locality was established in 1995. Prior to the allocation of the current location which was a branch office for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the force used to be dispatched from Omdurman Locality. After allocation of the office the force was accommodated there for Karari Province with its four localities, namely:

  • Karari Locality – located at the 4th Sq of Althora.
  • Althora Locality – located at Sq 22 of Althora.
  • Northern Rural Locality – Located in Islanj island.
  • Northern Althira Locality – at the 17th Sq of Althora.

Karari Locality used to be a province earlier but at the same location. The first director for the directorate, First Lt. Ameer Sid Ahmed, was appointed in 1995. He was commanding a force of 800 privates securing the area as ‘Murabiteen’ and deployed to areas of operation as required and for supporting other administrative units and security spreading units. He was followed by a number of directors of whom the last was Major Saif Eldin Kamil Ahmed who took over the leadership in 2010 and holding the position till to date.

Throughout the long period of 15 years full of giving, the locality has provided one martyr and a number of injured and captured members of the force while actively participating in operations at South, East and West besides missions in the North. They were safeguarding the country its honor and faith. The ‘Ribat’ was a true support to the armed forces in the various battle fields until peace is reached in the South.

Brief on Karari Locality
The Locality is an extended flat area inundated by some cropping out hills and mountains with valleys. It has a total area of 813 km2 with a total of 105 quarters (planned and non-planned) and 70 villages at the Northern Rural part.

Its geographical boundaries extend to the North till Wad Hamid in River Nile State at Abu Shambala village. For 100 km to the South, it is bordered by Omdurman and to North-Western side bordering North Kordofan State. To the West it is bordered by Um Badda Locality and to the East by the river Nile.

It also includes Alfateh areas 1 and 2 as well as the popular house at its Northern side to around 10 km.

It has a total population of around one million now. The illegal housing and non-planned areas were significantly reduced and almost non-existing now.

Development of the Locality
Throughout the past period the locality has significantly developed in its performance. It depends on a total of 9 police stations for security. These police stations are: Almahadia, Elneel, Al-Hatana, Western Harat, Al-Gazira Islanj, Popular Housing, Alfateh 1&2 and Al-Thora which is the latest.

The locality popular police force supports all these police stations as well as the Locality Police HQ, Traffic Police and Community Security. It participates in developing plans and security projects in Karari. It also executes community projects the most important role of which is to secure communities especially through Comprehensive Security Spreading units and community committees. It also supports the coordination office at the locality and the Quran society to spread religious values, guidance and advice. The role played by the Women office is quite obvious through the support it gives to this important part of the community. On top of these comes awareness for women and advancing their role in the community and in securing families. This role is delivered through lectures, forums and seminars.

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