Khartoum Locality

Geographical location
It lies between longitudes 37-52O and along latitude 190O. It has a total area of nineteen thousand square kilometers. It is bordered from the North by the Blue Nile in which lies Tuti Island. To the South it borders Jabel Awleya Locality and from the East and North East the Blue Nile. To the West it is bordered by the White Nile. It is connected with Bahri and Omdurman Localities through 8 bridges. It is considered one of the largest Localities at the national level due to the following reasons:
It is the political capital of the country and the home of the federal government headquarters.
It accommodates the headquarters of public and foreign establishments.
It is housing foreign diplomatic missions and most of the ambassadors and diplomatic authorities and missions’ members live in it.
Khartoum Locality is the home of many public, private and foreign universities besides branches of States’ universities. It also accommodates other high education institutions as well as prominent high schools.
It accommodates many of the strategic landmarks (e.g. Friendship hall, Alfateh tower, Khartoum airport, headquarters of communications companies, Khartoum International Fair, Afraa Mall, large hotels etc.).
It accommodates most of the largest financial establishments like the Central Bank of Sudan and the headquarters of commercial banks which are 15 in total.
Khartoum State has got large central markets like Al-Arabi, Al-Afranji, Al-Shaabi, Al-Sajana, industrial area, Al-Souq Al-Mahali, Land-port, Central Market, etc.
It has many public and private clubs that houses a large number of celebrations and gatherings venues. Most of these are located in Al-Amarat residential area, Khartoum2 and Khartoum3.
It is also the home of Khartoum Stadium that hosts country-wide and local competitions and accommodates celebrations as well as local and national occasions.

Sections of Khartoum Locality Police
Administratively, Khartoum Locality is divided into 20 divisions. These are:

Central Khartoum Safeguarding Division
This undertakes the responsibility for securing central Khartoum in coordination with the Administrative Unit for Combating Negative Behavior, Public Establishments and central bus station Protection as well as markets control.

Horse-Mounting Police Section –directly under the Locality Headquarter
It is composed of three main horse-staples namely, Al-Souq Al-Shaabi, Eastern Section and Al-Amab. It has a total of 96 horses (94 males and 2 females).

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