Investigations and Security Division

Investigations and Security Division
The team for this Division was formed at the Locality headquarter through recruiting a number of the force members from the division besides the force that was at the Locality headquarter which covers the security needs within their area of specialty. Besides, it undertakes joint preventive operations through storms against repetitive criminals and patrolling brick-making factories within the Locality jurisdiction.
The team is made up of 24 individuals for criminal works and 6 for preventive works under the leadership of a Lieutenant who is supervised by the head of criminal investigations division.
During the past period, there were many achievements which led to successful end for the cases of the various locality police stations. Besides, the team monitors the criminal activity map and undertakes preventive measures against the transfer of criminal activities from one police station jurisdiction to another. There are also a total of 28 individuals from the security and information attached to the Khartoum Locality.

Locality Security Committee
The Director of the Locality Police is the secretary of the locality’s security committee. The Committee convenes twice per month and on ad hoc basis whenever there is need.

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