Brief on Karari Locality

The importance of Karari Locality is driven from its location and history. These distinguish it from other localities. It was a village taken by the Mahadi’s armies as a base for invasion of Khartoum. Very recently it became one of the localities of Khartoum State. The locality’s establishment coincided with that of its police with the inauguration of the headquarters building which was carried out by HE the Minister of Interior, Professor Elzubair Basheer Taha, and the Director General for Police Forces, Lt. Gen. Mahjoub Hassan Saad. Present also at the inauguration was the Assistant General Director for Khartoum State, Major General Mohamed Najeeb Eltayeb, and the Director of Karari Locality Police, Brigadier Sir Elkhatim Osman Nasr. This was on Wednesday 26/7/2009.
Karai Locality lies on the North Eastern periphery of Khartoum State. It extends from Umdurman Locality at the South to Almatama Locality, River Nile State, at the North. It spreads from the Nile bank at the East to Um Badda Locality at the West. It has a total area of 3,900 km2.

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