Martyrs of Sharq Elnil Locality

No. Rank Name Date of Martyrdom Cause
1 Colonel Mohamed Abdel Aziz Adam 2009 While on duty
2 Master Sergeant (Musaid) Mohamed Siddig Khair Alsid 1997 While on duty
3 Master Sergeant Abdel Mahmoud Hasab Allah Elnour 2001 Area of operation
4 Staff Sergeant (Ragib Awal) Ahmed Habib Allah Albasheer 1997 Area of operations
5 Staff Sergeant – Technical Abdel Moneim Mohamed Ali 2007 Traffic accident
6 Corporal (Arif) Nour Eldin Abdel Hadi Allazim 1998 Area of operations
7 Corporal Eljaili Gism Allah Khair Allah 2004 Traffic accident
8 Corporal Hussein Abdalla Hussein 2002 Traffic accident
9 Corporal Abdalla Hamid Mohamed 2004 Drowned

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