Jabel Awleya Locality

Historical Background
It was established in 1995. Its offices used to be part of Al-Kalaklat Police Station till separate offices were established at Plot No. 284 Sq 8 Al-Kalakla East on a total area of 1514 m2. It was inaugurated on 29/8/2007 by Professor Alzubair Basheer Taha, the Minister of Interior and First Lt. Gen. Mahjoub Hassan Saad, the Director General for Police Forces.
It lies to the South of Khartoum State and bordered from the South by the White Nile State. From the North it borders Khartoum Locality, from the Western side by the White Nile and from the East by Al-Gazira State.
Jabel Awleya Locality Police provides security services in general besides criminal investigations for preventive and revealing crimes. It also provides family and community protection ensuring the preservation of their customs and norms. In addition it undertakes opening of police cases and carries out investigations on criminal ones.
Divisions and Branches of the Locality Police
Jabel Awleya Locality Police Headquarter includes General Affairs, Criminal, Patrols and Comprehensive Security Spread divisions.

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