A propos de la Direction des Affaires Publiques

The General Affairs Directorate is considered as the backbone of Khartoum State Police. It is critical as its main tasks cover all the administrative needs of the force including the provision of an ideal working environment. These tasks include human resources, logistical support required by the police to deliver its responsibilities like vehicles, communication means, weapons, establishments, uniforms, and all the supplies that allow for the provision of a comprehensive police service.  The Directorate also attends to issues of service and administrative support to all the officers and NCOs of the force. It also provides morale and social support.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Ensure good management of the force and its high performance.
  • Support the director in developing programs and plans related to the general performance policies.
  • Development of the state police budget in coordination with the financial affairs administration as well as following up on financial allocations.
  • Development of local training plans based on work requirements and follow up on their implementation.
  • Review of status of supply at the state level, follow up and checking on deliveries, and identification of priorities for usage.
  • Administrative supervision on examinations for promotion of officers and examinations of competency for NCOs.
  • Supervision on all collaborative resources of the police and progress in these to ensure better management, preparation of plans for their development and investment.
  • Supervision on medical services establishments, improvement of performance in these and making necessary plans for development.
  • Follow up on financial performance, expenditure items, and monitoring the financial performance of all administrations and state localities.
  • Development of training plans at the state level which should be in line with the general policies for training.
  • Supervision on the Moral Guidance for the force and the development of cultural programs that supports this. In addition, organization of police celebrations for various occasions as well as reflection of the police activities through various media means.
  • Work on developing social activities within the force and making plans for executing the social programs.
  • Developing necessary policies for improving the relation between the police and the various government organs within the state.
  • Periodical review of payroll and comparing it with the force registers as well as follow up on adjustments made on salaries.

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