Direction de Communications

Historical background
The Administration for Communication and Computerization was established based on the instruction of the Assistant Director General for Khartoum State (No. 1 dated 1-1-2007) to cope up with the technological advancement that covered all fields including police. This called for technical and administrative changes that can go in line with the tasks and mission. On top of this administration is an Engineer officer at the colonel rank assisted by a number of engineer officers who are specialized in related fields. The Computerization Administration was separated from that of communications according to the Instruction No. 2 of 2008.

Tasks of Communications Administration
The Communications Administration is responsible for all types of networks whether through cables or wireless. It also supervises the works on the telephone central at the Command and Control Room. It works in full coordination in all joint works with the administration of the Command and Control as well as Computerization. It provides technical support, whether in the form of specialized cadres or equipment, to all units of Khartoum State Police (the Headquarter of Khartoum State Police, the Directorates, Administrations and Localities).

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