Direction d'Organisation et Planification

This is an administration that falls under the Planning and Technology Directorate. It is responsible for setting essential standards and objective plans that are based on actual situation for improving the level performance in general. It is composed of two branches, namely, Planning and Organization Branches. There are 5 divisions under these branches which are:
1.    Planning and Monitoring Division;
2.    Statistics and Reporting Division;
3.    Documentation and Archives Division;
4.    Organizational Structure Division;
5.    Analysis and Organization Division.
Tasks and Responsibilities
1.    Administrative, criminal and technical data collection and analysis for extraction of trends and indications. These are used in the planning process and to overcome shortfalls.
2.    Development of plans, programs and strategies related to the police works at the state with timeframe for implementation.
3.    Evaluation of annual plans and the quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports.
4.    Implementation of general policies and recommendations made by the leadership authority for the development of performance through appropriate alternatives.
5.    Coordination of technical, financial and human resources to achieve the highest performance.
6.    Follow up on research and new developments in the area of administrative and strategic planning works.
7.    Submission of suggestions for general performance improvement.
8.    Development and organization of seminars and workshops for performance improvement.
9.    Development of organizational structures for Khartoum State Police and presentation of proposals for revision of these besides preparation of job descriptions.
10.    Development of proposals for force composition from officers and other ranks based on actual need. Also follow up on approval of necessary budget. In addition, the development of proposals for necessary inputs for the execution of tasks and responsibilities assigned.

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