Direction d'Informatisation et d'Informatique

The change to computerized operations requires radical changes in the work strategy, its processes and cost. It calls for re-engineering the police operations processes for maximizing the utilization of this technology and effective use of time for efficiently executing tasks. It also needs catering for storage and protection of data and information besides transferring and recalling these in a short time. This will enable decision makers to take the appropriate decision based on correct information at the right time. A further aim of this computerization is to improve communication level within the controllercom of Khartoum State police. 

Computerization plan for 2010
The plan for computerization in year 2010 focused on implementation of the following projects:
•    Developing high capacity networks for connecting the State Police headquarter with the police headquarter at the localities as well as the directorates and divisions that belong to these.
•    Establishment of local networks at all the state police establishments.
•    Establishment of an integrated central information center.
•    Establishment of an alternative information center as a backup for emergency situations.
•    Development of the following application systems:
1.    Electronic police case opening;
2.    Electronic dispatching;
3.    Systems for supporting decision making, human resources, finance and control of assets and warehouses.
4.    Development of a website for Khartoum State Police.
5.    Video Conference (VC) service for meeting through the wide network of Khartoum State Police.
6.    Service for communication through network (VOIP)
7.    Spreading of surveillance cameras at important, sensitive and strategic locations within the state like markets, main streets, bus stations, banks and public establishments etc. (state police digital system within a unified command and control system).

Achievements of Computerization and Information Technology
In the area of Hardware:
1.    High capacity networks:
A large wireless network was installed for connecting all police stations within Khartoum State with the headquarters of the localities and the directorates of Khartoum State Police headquarter. This was made through an advanced wireless technology (Wireless Board) that is produced by Redline Company. A total of 105 locations were established at all parts of Khartoum State. It is under testing for full operation.
2.    Local wireless networks:
Local networks were established at the seven localities headquarters with the exception of Khartoum locality which already has an internal network. This work was carried out by technicians trained by the Computerization Administration. Also around 80% of an internal network was installed at the headquarters of Khartoum State Police.
3.    Local wireless networks: Internal networks at police stations:
Work is now underway for fixing internal wireless networks at the police stations. Up to now 20 police stations were connected out of a total of 78 stations within Khartoum State Police Headquarter.
4.    Main Servers Room:
A central room was installed with high specifications for the main servers. It has a total of seven high capacity servers which will be increased to 10. All will be serving Khartoum State police with all its police stations. Work is underway now for establishing an alternative room for emergencies in case of any defect in the main one.

In the area of Software:
1.    Electronic dispatching project:
A special network was established for exchanging electronic messages to speed up procedures between police administrations. Work is underway now to connect the state police headquarter with those of the seven localities and the various police administrations. Also work is on going to connect the police stations with their localities headquarters.
2.    Electronic police case opening: A computerized criminal system was developed to record electronic police case processes starting from opening the case up to the stage of transfer to court besides full conclusion of the case at the registry. This is at the trial stage now and is being presented to specialists in criminal work to overcome any limitations before it is fully operated. This will be applied soon at all Khartoum Locality police stations.
3.    Website:
An Internet website was designed for the Headquarter of Khartoum State Police. It is updated daily with the state news and information that the citizen at Khartoum State can benefit from.
4.    Other Programs:
The following programs were developed by the engineers of the Planning and Technology Directorate:
o    A program for procurement at the headquarters of the Khartoum State Police.
o    A program for management of warehouses which is currently under application at the Computerization Administration. It will be used for the main warehouse and connected to the branch stores.
o    A program for management of vehicles fleet and fire arms.

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