Sites de la Sécurité Globale

The idea of establishing locations for comprehensive security spread came as a result of seeking for a spreading to ensure security at all parts of Khartoum State beside appreciation of the full participation of the public in the security process to realize the slogan of ‘Security is the responsibility of all’ and making it a realistic one through nights of guarding. This came under the slogan of Security-Quick Aid-Rescue. The trial was developed further by involving the citizen in the security process through nights of guarding at the locations of comprehensive security spread. Further, involvement reached the level of participation of the citizen in the planning for combating crimes where community leaders at residential areas and through community committees full participate in this. It all led to the evolution of tasks from a more comprehensive understanding for the community security.

Strategic Objective of the Plan
The realization of the abilities of the State Police to a level where it can maintain the government dignity and have a full control over all the security threats and dangers as well as the surfacing criminal activities inside the residential areas of the state. This comes through the spreading of locations at all blocks of the residential quarters at all the localities of state.

General Objectives of the plan
•    Initiation of communication between the police and community (security is the responsibility of all).
•    Realization of a security spread at the level of residential quarter of Khartoum State.
•    Mobilization of the community participation in security maintaining.
•    Start of work at grass root for the Civil Rolls project

Activation of work at locations of comprehensive security spread
First: activation of the locations for comprehensive security spread through specifying and making these locations do what is required from them.
•    A spot for preventive actions on crime manifestations or any security threat to the neighborhood.
•    Providing the police stations with criminal and security information.
•    A focal area for the community of the neighborhood to meet at.
•    Activation of listing and population census for neighborhood inhabitants and their professions as database for civil rolls.
•    Data on empty property and enlisting of resident foreigners.
•    Leading of joint work on environmental improvements within the neighborhood.
•    Location for static patrol and for getting together police units (CID-Rescue-Patrols-Police Security-etc.)
•    Encouraging guarding nights through community participation.
•    Organizing guidance forums and lectures for the community.
•    Undertaking rescue and civil protection works in case of catastrophes.
•    Undertaking community programs for paying attributes to dead through cleaning of cemetery and mosque.
•    Whatever issue that is seen of benefit to the community by the specialized directorate.
Second: Connection of Comprehensive Security Spread locations with community activities within the neighborhood:
•    Connecting youth centers and sport clubs at residential areas with comprehensive security spread location through community committees for execution of any community activity.
•    Participation in activities of Quran Society and execution of guidance programs that encourage night guarding and raising awareness on crimes of all types within the neighborhood.
•    Coordination of police units service works through implementation of campaigns for issuing identity documentation to citizens.

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