New Recruits Training School – Omdurman

This school was established in late 1992 for undertaking the training of individuals to work for horse-mounting police that belong to Omdurman Province Police. It didn’t continue to work in this area as it started to absorb new recruits for the basic training. These belong to the Khartoum State Police from the three towns, namely Khartoum, Omdurman and Khartoum North besides new recruits from other administrations and units like: Customs, Courts, Traffic, Drug Combating and Central Criminal Investigations.
The first Director for the school was Lt. Colonel Ibrahim Elsayed. It continued to graduate consecutive batches and now it has reached batch 19 from various police administration at the level of Khartoum State. In 1993 the first batch that was graduated by Major General Izeldin Tamim Gandour, the Director of Khartoum State Police and since then batches continued to be graduated regularly.
The school’s work is not limited to the training of new recruits only, it goes beyond that to in-service training for privates and NCOs from various administrations and units through local courses on riots control, administration, office works, excellence in Quran Reading and Islamic Studies. Thus the school became one of the training institutions that occupied a sizable space within the training map not just at the locality level but at Khartoum State level.

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